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Have a concept to build a business around but don't know where to start? We're here to help!

"Do what you do best - we'll do the rest!" Reaching your audience is our business!

We offer a variety of content management services for those clients in need of direct management of their website and content. Combined with our integrated hosting and marketing services we develop, host, and market your website handing over the keys for you to manage your content to what ever extend desired.

The process begins with creating a sustainable, user-manageable, and user-friendly website build upon one or several robust databases, with one easy to use administrative graphical interface, allowing maximum content management flexibility while assuring user-control integrity, web design, and layout.

Using our customized content management solutions you are able to:
Manage your web content using a Mac, PC, Unix, or mobile anywhere - any time
Control your online content without the need for programming skills or thrid party assistance
Save money by managing your web content internally without the need for internal web master
Get instant Results: Changes made using your content management system are made instantly.
Simplify your web revision process by cutting-and-pasting content directly to the web
Update, resize, modify images or upload news updates instantly with a few simple clicks
Update product pricing on the fly with our e-commerce CMS store integrated solutions
Optimize management productivity by dividing CM responsibilities among your team
Set special account privileges for each staff according to content management role

Economize and get more out of your website while at it! And a lot more. Just Ask!

CMS general advantages: Low operation cost, easy customization, easy to use, integrated workflow control, automated templates, access control, easily editable content, scale-able features, workflow management, collaboration, user/task delegation, document management, and select-able multilingual features.
CMS general Disadvantages: Initial cost of implementation, cost of services maintenance, storage Volume, latency issues, minor reductions in SEO marketing capacity.