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Imagine a forest fire with blazing temperatures and enough smoke to impair vision fully within a few feet. A three man crew to initiate containment plans while awaiting support crew arrival on-scene A few steps in the wrong direction, the wind and the fire could prove deadly! Support crew reported fifteen minutes from arrival!

... comes the RC RoverŪ Unmanned Ground Vehicle with REV9-Commander remote app developed by AMT, consisting of a remote eye/live a/v/HD feed, live sensory data feeds , equipped with full duplex telemetry system, ready to survey the parameter and able to reach areas not possible by human. An app designed with embedded intelligence to navigate autonomously when operator visibility is obstructed. An app designed with live way-point guidance system to safely return the vehicle to base or to Operator in Command with the flip of a switch - or click of a button. Our apps do more than create or improve productivity. They save lives!

It takes more than programming experience to build a critical app. Here are essential steps we take to assure your application's success prior to, during, and aft development:

Conduct market research and feasibility study/competitive analysis
Carefully examine requirements for the proposed application and software
Analyze the critical fail-safe methods for building a robust app with cross-platform accessibility
Devise a plan and design a development flow chart, and confirm project schedule
Review final deliverable software and obtain client authorization to proceed accordingly
Begin software implementation (coding) and graphical user interface design/integration
Proceed to systems integration, test, fix bugs, review, assess, and report to client
Conduct performance analysis of core program and functions while under stress
Make final adjustments, compile app, complete software development
Deliver, install, setup, and train customer prior to software deployment
Provide client software operation, service, and upgrade as needed and as applicable