Need content management and user managed e-commerce? No problem - just ask!

Have a concept to build a business around but don't know where to start? We're here to help!

"Do what you do best - we'll do the rest!" Reaching your audience is our business!

Hundreds of custom applications created so far simply means, be it for PC, Mac, Unix, mobile, or web we can help develop the application you need! Which also means you don't have to adjust your needs to meet ours - instead we'll deliver your app as expected otherwise exceeding your expectations!

AMT has been designing and distributing mobile apps since the start of the smartphone revolution. Mobile platforms and OS's are essentially untapped platforms with immense potential and need for new and productive software/apps. Whether you have a non-mobile app that needs to be re-engineered for mobile, or have a unique new idea that you need app'd, we can help develop your app for you. Just ask!

From designing and developing robotics and automation software to creating web applets and multimedia apps for Mac, PC, Unix, Mobile, and Web - we build robust applications with solid structure, top notch user interface, multi-platform-ready, and use our proven marketing expertise to launch your app with significant and statistically measurable success.

We are well recognized for our core competencies in designing and building custom applications for all types of businesses and organizations, cost effectively, and on schedule. The applications we build are developed for our clients to sell to their customers or use internally. We know your success is ours.

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