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AMT uses the latest innovations and emerging technologies to deliver the best media and system integration solution for your business. Our team of system engineers, senior programmers, seasoned project managers, and media experts assure seamless integration of online enterprise solutions to your full satisfaction. 

AMT offers a wide range of media integration services and over two decades of experience integrating systems from small and customized to large-scale enterprise applications and systems. We provide a clean way to transform and translate your data and will enable real-time data exchange for dynamically built systems and your custom system.

AMT successfully integrates media components, data, and processes by providing an enterprise framework for integration to adapt and work best with your existing business model, system, and processes. Our project mapping solutions and approach address workflow at each step of the project, assuring client awareness, interaction, and end results.

Our media and system integration solutions enable business-to-business integration. For example, an e-commerce and transaction based website/application must interact with it's transaction processor affiliated system to assure a working system. In addition such systems both need to adhere to specific and common media and file standards for interoperability and exchange. No problem - even without formal APIs in place, this is not an issue. We can help connect your customers, suppliers, and partners to your enterprise, in real-time.

We help create, re-engineer, and improve your online business solutions by carefully examining and introducing best components, optimized media solutions, and managed media and system integration services.

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